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Cornell University

Cover Crop Guide for NY Growers

Dr. Thomas Björkman, Horticulture Section, Cornell AgriTech

The Life of Buckwheat

This page shows the normal development of buckwheat plants in New York. These were sown on July 8, 1997. They obtained a medium size that is ideal for good yield. This crop yielded 1250 lb/ac. There was a drought that restricted vegetative growth from 20 to 40 days after seeding.


21 DAP
Second pair of true leaves. Beginning of rapid growth. Crusting danger is past.


28 DAP
Flower buds just visible. Plants 12 to 15 tall. Peak heat sensitivity begins.


44 DAP
Early flowering. Most of the seeds are set from flowers at this time. Leaf growth is finished.


52 DAP
Peak flowering. No seeds are visible but most have set.


58 DAP
First seeds are visble; aborted fruits begin to brown. New flowers will not make seeds.


62 DAP
Maximum seed fill. Seeds are in the milk or dough stage. Lower leaves begin to yellow as nutrients are moved to seeds.


66 DAP
Seeds begin to mature. Still flowering.


70 DAP
Half the seeds mature, rest close. Rapid leaf shedding from translocation.


73 DAP
Ready to harvest. About 70% of filled seeds are brown. Leaves have a yellowish cast.