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Cornell University

Cover Crop Guide for NY Growers

Dr. Thomas Björkman, Horticulture Section, Cornell AgriTech

Seed Sources

Many of the mail-order seedhouses offer cover crop seed in smaller amounts. The specialist in unusual cover crop seed is Albert Lea Seedhouse in Minnesota. The shipping cost, about $70 per 50-lb bag, makes it most appropriate for smaller scale trials.

Local farmers and dealers may have farm-produced medium red clover, small grain and buckwheat that is suitable. Make sure it has no weed seed and germinates well. Not sure? Contact the New York State Seed Testing Lab. 315-787-2242

In New York, the suppliers below have cover crop seed for bulk purchase. These are often the primary distributor or actual producer, which keeps the price down. The delivered cost may be lower through your local farm seed dealer.

Hall, NY with warehouses in PA and VT.

(800) 836-3710

Cover crop seed not currently online. Small grain, buckwheat, annual ryegrass, Sorghum-sudangrass.

Measdville, PA

(800) 873-3321

Ernst is a long-time seed producer of many kinds of cover crops, native plants and conservation species. Of particular interest are buckwheat, Bonar, Dwarf Essex and Rangi rapeseed, Appin and Pasja turnip. They have scheduled truck delivery to New York.

Penn Yan, NY

(315) 531-1038

Small grain, including spelt and triticale. Buckwheat. Often trying new things. Certified organic. A Klaas and Mary-Howell Martens enterprise.

Holtwood, PA

(717) 575-6778

Steve’s own selected “Tillage radish” and early maturing hairy vetch. Also distributed in NY by Leon Bird 1-800-743-2473 and in PA by Lancaster Ag Products (717) 687-9222

Penn Yan, NY

(315) 536-3311

Buckwheat. The biggest processor in the East also sells cover crop seed.

Wauseon, OH

(419) 337-1841

Fax: (419) 337-5491
Vegetable Order Desk: (800) 700-1199
Grain/Forage Order Desk: (877) 591-SEED (7333)

Ronks, PA

(717) 687-6224

Fax: (717) 687-4331

Winslow, ME

(877) 564-6697

Tangent, OR

(541) 928-1651